List of Services

We have a full range of services to help you create a nupital event inspired by your personal style, event needs, and taste.

Review the list of options below to determine which option best fits your needs!

Simply Special

Just as described a simply special ceremony for you and your closest loved one. These ceremonies were once considered elopements or getting hitched but regardless they should be special! We will plan a unique and simple ceremony tailored to your needs and timeline.

Dream Wedding

We will work together to plan the wedding of your dreams!!! From private vow writing consultations to reciting your favorite movies or music references, the ceremony will be a reflection of the loved shared between you and your soon to be spouse.

Virtual Vows

Celebrate your special day with relatives near and far! Don't let seating limitations or distance restrict the number of loved ones that are able to share in your day. Virtual vows are arranged to meet your needs and can be conducted through a variety of conferencing applications.

Vow Renewals

Vow Renewals are a perfect opportunity to reignite the love in your marriage. We will create a cermony that will celebrate your past years of marriage while welcoming the years to come.

"Love is like the sea. It's a moving thing,

but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets,

and it's different with every shore."

~Zora Neale Hurston